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Welcome! At Augbotics we develop inverse kinematics (IK) software for animation and robotics, with web-based interactive 2D/3D simulations of our solutions and prototype hardware.

Past R&D efforts have included the development of human-robot interaction (HRI) interfaces with corresponding robotic prototypes, and multirobot connectivity and control algorithms.

Inverse Kinematics

Common to most inverse kinematic (IK) algorithms is the trade-off between computational complexity and natural motion.

Computationally expensive algorithms are usually required to produce natural looking motion. Reducing the computaional complexity tends to result in less natural looking motion.

This is a preview of our computationally inexpensive IK that also produces organic and natural looking results.

Human-Robot Interaction

Robot interaction and control should be uncomplicated and know when to stay out of the way. This is why we have developed intuitive human-robot interaction (HRI) solutions that provide a more natural way of controlling and participating in robotic systems.

Prototype hardware and software has been developed as a first step toward this goal. The initial prototype is several years old and there are plans to resurrect the hardware and software for renewed demonstration purposes.

Multirobot Systems

Hover over to show connection chains between robot nodes
Tap to generate a new random initial state

Compared to complex single robots, multirobot systems are more fault tolerant and robust due to mechanically simpler and inexpensive individual units. While there can be no single point of failure, the distributed control and connectivity in a multirobot system is complex.

Here we are simulating wireless connectivity chain formation in an ad-hoc multirobot system.



Small image for a demo simulation called follow

A follow the leader demo with behaviour evolved from a genetic algorithm.

3D Inverse Kinematics

Placeholder image of a 3D cube for a demo simulation called 3D inverse kinematics

3D demo of a computationally inexpensive IK algorithm.
(coming soon'ish)


Are you looking for an inverse kinematics solution for simulation or animation?

For enquiries please send an email to:

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